Title says it all except my preferences for music are Killswitch Engage, Bullet for my vallentine you know... the metal with lots of squealies.

I have heard alot about Rolands 30 and 60, two that im looking at Or possibly a Line 6 Spider 30?

my price range is around $300 or so.

Your help is appreciated.
Hmmmm.....For $300, i think a Blackheart combo with something in front of it like a Zakk Wylde Overdrive. Should give you a good amount of gain, depending on your guitar. Otherwise, a Vox AD15 or 30 XL would give you alot of hi-gain models.
well as far as my guitar goes its just some cheapie Ibanez combo thats just a beginner but within a month or two Ill be getting a new 1 too.

My toss up is between the RGR320ex in red/black if you care lol or a hellraiser with the floyd however its like another 250 bucks also a Jackson DKMG is bout the same as the RGR320.

But back to topic Im just more curious if any1 has sat them down together and found anything that makes the other favorable.
don't get a line 6.
a vox would suit you fine.
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O yeah forgot to ask does a pedal make that much of a difference? Cuz it just seems to be something else to make little difference in everything but the pocketbook.
I'm thinking roland cube.
But, the Blackheart+Zakk Wylde Overdrive sounds like a good combo.
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I am leaning toward the Cube 30 simply because with the line 6 the speaker looks awefully vulnerable with the back panel wide open...

Also in my dorm room theres not a whole lot of shelf space and theres plenty of vertical standing space so smaller base items would cause less issues with the TV computers fridge xbox etc...
You dont want the Spider anyway, terrible terrible amps.....

Roland cube 60/30 is the best modelling amp for metal in its price range.

Although the Blackheart + OD doesnt sound too bad, only thing i reccomend you do is try it first.
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