Me and a few mates were thinking of trying to host a gig at our local skate park. One of them has a generator for the power and gear/bands/transport are not a problem. It would be in the summer, after GCSE exams. Just wanted some peoples opinions and advice.

(Its the stake park in Ipswich, Suffolk, UK if you're interested)
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Go for it, get a few local bands in, make a good night out of it, find out how much the place want though and how much deposit they want etc.

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Yeah there's a park (including skatepark, basketball courts, etc) and the basketball courts seem like a nice place to play, it has a bench-like thing around the courts.

So, I'd say go for it.
My mate and his band are doing this in June I think.
Renting some farmers spare field and the barn, gonna make a weekend festival out of it.

Good thing yours truly was invited to play
that may be kind of illegal (to op)... you'd need councils permission or something probably.
There was actually a gig at my local park back in October and it was amazing. I say go for it.