Okay, what would be the best cover songs to learn for like the punkish emo rock kids

we have to start playing at their places next month and i dont know what they like or listen to but i know there those people with like 10 piercings and dyed pitch black hair

what would be the best cover songs to play for kiddies like that???
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AFI - Miss Murder. They'll ****ing love it. And being the bassist of the band, you'll have fun as the whole first verse is just bass =D
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Video Killed the Radio Star. I think they'd actually enjoy it.

what the **** is that?
I'll lay waiting, just waiting for my time to come
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what the **** is that?

Are you kidding me?
Some Sunny Day Real Estate maybe?
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Anything MCR really.

I would personally stick with their stuff from Three Cheers.
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Ok their punkish emo rock kids but you'd be screwed if they chanted freebird when you finished playing but any thing by blink they might like really.
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