Anyone buy the DVD? I was gonna torrent it but I couldn't find one, so I might buy it. It's overpriced at $25 plus shipping >_>
Zen 2 is out too.
Melissa Cross looks like my old math teacher
I torrented it a while back from demonoid but their closed down now. It's actually quite helpful , and there's tonnes of techniques to scream and get that growl without straining. Although I think $25 is pretty steep for it.

EDIT: Nah I just watched like 2 minutes of it again. It's worth it .

DOUBLE EDIT : You have to actually have an idea of how to sing, it really emphasizes on breathing and warming up techniques which will help you not to permanently **** up your voice.
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Lol a dvd on screaming torrent it if u gt Mozilla ther a add on called torrent finder searches all torrents im sure you would find it.

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step two: ???????
step three: profit
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