Ok, so there's two here, The Flutes of Labour and Pipes and Strings of the Royal Court (all I could come up with lol) Both are something I came up with ages ago when I was on a medieval/tribal/folkish frenzy after listening to bands like Blackmore's Night and Skyclad. Anyway, do tell me what you think and enjoy
Medieval-Tribal songs.zip
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The harp in the of Pipes and Strings' gets a bit repeatative, it's all good, but its the same 'riffs' over and over again, i dont mean like, It's just verse, chorus, verse, chorus and so on. Just like, it'll do one riff for a while, then go to another, and just repeat it. Maybe some variation would be nice!

But it's pretty cool regardless!

The Flutes Of Labour sounded more Medieval to me!
I like the creepyness of it, would make a good video game soundtrack *no offence, some people hate that kind of thing*. It reminded me of that really old game Knights and Merchants

Overall, Good Job! 8/10
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sweet as, the pipes and strings one sounds like music from the game Okami. i liked that one, but wasnt to keen on the royal one.