These Are Just Some Lyrics I Wrote about someone who uses and abuses drugs i guess. Hopefully someone gives me their opinion.

( Intro Riff )

( Main Riff )
Confusion and hate, dizziness and fear
Alcoholism, you start and you tear.
Try to turn back, never hesistate
hallucinations take hold, your doomed to your fate.
Crazy mother ****ers, insanely in your head
No turning back now, might as well be dead!

Trip over the edge of the world, man sees you no more
Aching to go back, you take in some more!

He's slipping away.................
(He's slipping , He's falling)
He's giving away...............
(He's giving, he's taking)

( Instrumental Chorus )

( slow clean poem/chant )
Enlightenment, Enchantment, take me awayyyyyyyyyyyyy
screaming this horror, i shoot it agaaaaaaaaaainnnnnnn
mirror, cuts mirror, i take it in the veinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
life is absurd now, crazy insaneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

( Back to main riff )

Life seems so colourful, nothing is not turning me down
Back on the double, I'm the man of this town
Cannot resist, the hesitation!
a line i am walking , a line to freedome
poor chance of taking it now
life is so boring , but life is not how.....

Fall off the edge, no one can see me!
Painful at rest, i'm tormented by Bleeding!

I slipped away
(He slipped and he fell)
I gave into it...
(He gave in and nowwww)

( Instrumental Chorus )
Leads into multi solo -etc.
( Into Riff )



Well let me know if you think they're bad/good and please don't steal them.