when im doing delayed guitars im having alot of issues getting the timing right
any tips. nothing seems to work

and yest ive tried putting the delay on afterwards.

EDIT: I think the problem is when i record a riff and its on time the delay puts it out of time

and i have all of the delay settings right.
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Perhaps slowing down or speeding up tempo to song may correct that...find that sweet spot where the delay setting your using works better...either that or change the delay time.
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ive had this problem but putting delay in after and changing tempos untill they match works, but then again it depends what system youre using
You can get delays that delay according to the time signature note rather than time interval.
But i think they're only for MIDI in Reason.
Though they work great cuz the delay is perfectly timed. Gives really cool effect with just one synth note.

But if not that, there are actually tables where you can check out how much delay (ms) you should use for timed notes at particular tempos.
Google them around and see if you find em online...

Actually i did if for you, here you go:
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