I need advice on what PA I should get for a starter band who play heavy rock, Deftones, Faith No Nore style. We won't be needing to mic the drum kit up as of yet, we'll most likely be playing places that provide that kind of power.

So We're looking for a good decent setup that can provide power to screamo vocals, have preferably power in the speakers and NOT in the mixer, but I guess either way could work. What do people advice?
Also eight tracks on the mixer should be enough seeing as we won't be needing to mic many intruments up. A few effects would be nice and the potential for a little bit of micing up in the future, maybe just the kick drum or one guitar amplifier.

What do people think?
Rent, rental gear will be infinitely better than what you could ever buy. Build up a good realtionship with a hire company and you'll get steady discounts on good gear that wil make you sound good
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I'm afraid I live in a very remote area and haven't heard of any dealers that would provide that kind of service, unless there online ones, if thats what you mean?
A Standard "RMS" 200watt w/4 112 cabs should do for most things! Its all i've ever used!
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