I already know:
Freak show excess
tender surrender

What are some cool ones at an advanced level that arnt too random or slow(even though they are beautiful, its just not fun to learn ya know)

Blue Powder
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the attitude song.
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Building the Church
Get the Hell Out of Here
Bad Horsie
Lotus Feet
Touching Tongues
all great pieces
Bad Horsie is really not that hard, but the tuned down stuff really mess with your bridge. The Animal is an awesome song, but I doubt that you can get the sweet Eventide Harmonizer tone.
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Yo wassup, I'm trying to expand my musical horizons if you know what I mean, so can anybody reccomend me some cool Juggalo jazz?
All the seventh songs.
The Attitude song.
Call it Sleep.
Bad Horsie
Die to Live
Erotic nightmares
Gentle Ways
The Crying Machine.

There are so many.
anwers,shy boy, bangkok,whispering a prayer, all about eve....there`s hundreds of vai tunes to choose from.

look at stuff from frank zappa, alcatrazz, david lee roth...he was in these bands.
Bad Horsie its kinda fun to play, plus if you learn that you will know the main riff to Metallica's Suicide and redemption 2 birds one lick
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Die to Live

+1, I think that's one of his most underrated tracks. Also, try The Crying Machine.
Can't believe no ones said Sisters yet, I love that song
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Sisters and Die to Live are the only songs of Vai's I can play right now, but they're great.
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