Hi guys, I'm new to the forum - but I have put down quite some time searching for a solution to my tab problem. Since I can't find it, I turn to you:

I've written chord + lyrics for a song in Notepad and aligned the chords with the lyrics (so the timing of the chords are right) using the space key. It looks great in Notepad, but when i preview it before uploading, the preview "ignores" all the spaces between the chords.

What do I do wrong?
If you've set it out like my attachment and just copied and pasted it into the submission form, it should turn out like this.

There shouldn't be a problem if you submit it as 'chords' rather than 'tab' but the preview might take a slightly different perspective to what actually gets put up.
If there is a problem once its up make a thread in the Site Feedback forum and hopefully someone will take notice and be able to sort it for you
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