Hey everyone, this is my first post, I just wanted some crit on this piece. This is my band's first song, even though we have been "writing" for a year or so, the songs just sucked really bad and we didn't enjoy playing them at all. I believe i have gotten better at writing and this is our 'single' New Moon.

Verse 1
I was awake inside of a dream
Never did I ponder reality
It seemed so real, I didn’t question it
no more consequences
My body felt like a mist
I didn’t feel completely whole
I felt weak and powerless
This dream held no purpose

Reborn anew
I’m not the same as I once was
Reborn anew
I was insane before tonight

Verse 2
Then I finally woke up
To see my body slowly dieing
To see vividly my world around me
This reality I found
Everything here I could touch
It wouldn’t turn to ash and crumble
I have found where I belong
There’s no more searching now


Don’t let your soul go to waste
Don’t lose yourself in your haste
Don’t let your soul go to waste
I want to see your face again


I don't know how many people are familiar with the fantasy series "The Wheel of Time" by Robert Jordan, but this song was greatly inspired by The World of Dreams (Tel' Aran 'Rhiod?) which is talked about a lot in the 6th book I believe.