hey i normally play guitar, but now i want to try to sing and play but its sorta difficult. have you guys ever had this problem?? and if so what did you do to help you out??
my problem is just that i get off beat and sometimes mess up some notes. iv'e tryed to tap my foot for every beat, to help out, but it didnt do much..
You just really need to find a balance whilst playing and singing.

Maybe finding out what beats to sing on might help.
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start with more poppy music with occasional screams and then work your way into emoish crap like a day to remember and so on.
Get both parts, the guitar part and the vocal line, down cold. Then, go through slowly, maybe half speed or so, noting which notes/beats are emphasized, so you can find words that you can land on, to keep your singing in time with your guitar playing. Start with something easy, like a Green Day tune or something.
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don't try anything too complicated while singing - get started with some basic strumming... keep some fancyness for in between singing parts (lines).
Im going through the same problem
what im doing is
i get the guitar parts down perfect
and them i learn the lyrics to the song
and i listen to the song while i play and it helps me to not get offbeat
what helped me is learn some song that u like on the guitar and sing along with the song playing off itunes or somthing at the same time
I had this problem and just recently started to get over it. They all say learn the guitar perfectly but you can and still get off track while singing. Try doing an easy strum like G to C to D or whatever and then make up your own lyrics. Simply and do it constantly. Do an easy song like Free fallin by tom petty. After practicing trying to do it one day it will hit you and you will be like i can finally sing and play. It is still not that easy for me but i am so much better then what i used to be. I used to be able not to get out a note. Just keep at it for easy stuff and it will come along
I started with kinda hard things but now i almost don't have any problems. The 1st song i learned to play and sing was Dread And The Fugitive Mind by Megadeth. After this i learned also "The Scorpion", "Rattlehead", "Trust", "Promises", "Killing Is My Business". It's the pwn to sing and play. Chicks will be in your feet Ya, and it's totaly fun.
to second strat07, chicks do love a guy who can sing and play.
most of the stuff i sing i've composed myself on a classical (ie really fat neck, nylon top three strings and hard to play fast) acoustic, so i know the strumming patterns and such and how they fit in with the lyrics.
i also play arctic monkeys songs and david bowie... anything i like and can learn, but i stick to the rhythm. if there's a solo, i'll try and play a chord fill or a chord backing if my friend is doing lead.

chords and vocals to start with. Mardy Bum by Arctic Monkeys is a good one to start out with and it's really simple.
don't think about it so much, or even better, don't think about anything when you play. music comes from feelings and emotions, don't let your brain get in the way. let it flow
It comes with practice. You are asking your brain to multitask in an unfamiliar way, so naturally it will take some time to adjust. The important thing is not to give up because it will get easier before you know it.

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First learn to play really easy songs like All the Small Things by Blink 182 (even if you don't like them it helps)
For harder songs, learn to play it on guitar first so you can play it with your eyes closed. Then just practice the vocals and once you get them both good it should flow (Unless it's singing and shredding)
Well first of all i used to just sing. I did play the guitar but it wasn't songs that you play guitar at the same time that i used to listen to. so then i got into metal and it had a lot of singing with guitar at the same time. When i sang my first word with guitar it was really easy. i guess it was practise from before.

So basically just sing first and get everything known off by heart without any pauses. then learn the guitar bits of by heart with no pauses. then just sing and play

I hope this works!
when you first start, sing the song in your head for a while. then slowly sing it loud part by part. it works pretty fast for me
Knocking On Heavens Door.. Thats how i started.. I started off by just simply playing the chord then singing the line.. then the next chord etc.. Then i put in more strums etc. Once you've mastered that try some busking songs..
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Don't bother with Like a Rolling Stone to start with. It'll confuse you.
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I have been told to open the ports of my heart first and try to breath regulary and it has helped me a lot. And the last hit of the drum must be in your mind.
Hmm..Try to get one of the things down, Either Singing or guitar playing the piece as something you don't need to think about doing, just something that happens naturally, then apply the other thing with it.
Hope it helps.
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i used to have problems with singing and playing at the same time but a friend of mine told me not to focus to hard on either ...... memorize both parts off by heart and then it will be easier. trust me on that
hope that helps you
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i used to have problems with singing and playing at the same time but a friend of mine told me not to focus to hard on either ...... memorize both parts off by heart and then it will be easier. trust me on that
hope that helps you

thanks ill start doing that.
it's all about the practice, memorize both parts(it helps in the future if you learn not to look at your guitar all the time while on-stage), go into it slowly and pick-up to normal speed. I remember when my band voted for me to be the singer i was scared, but now i'm fine with it. You get to grow comfortable with it. It's also hard to play lead/singing if you have another guitar player try play the rythem guitar parts