Hey guys. Looking at a new amp, as you can probably tell.

I live in Australia, i have a cube 60 and recently tried out a Valve Junior. WOW. So now im looking at tube amps for beginners.

The blackheart is just coming to australia now, and it looks great! Ive listened to sound clips of it and it seems to sound better than the VJ, but the quality was low and it wasnt EQ'd properly. I was wondering if anyone has first hand experience with the black heart and the VJ, and if you could tell me if you think the blackheart is worth it

Thanks guys.
5 watt half stack?...is that even possible?
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I've been usin the VJ for quite awhile now and couldnt be happier

Im sure the blackheart is the same thing with the addition of an EQ which is nice!
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5 watt half stack?...is that even possible?

Yeah, where have you been?

Yeah, the blackheart is noice.
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I have the VJ and my cousin has the BH.

the EQ and the 3 to 5 watt switch on the BH are a bonus.

but, I think they are basically the same amp, made even by the same people <---probably wrong on that.

I think you could flip a coin to decide. maybe the tone on the VJ is a little better.
almost exactly the same thing except the blackheart has a 3 to 5 watt switch and an eq.
personally i'd go for the blackheart
Open back cab on vj, closed back on the bh. I also prefer the tone on the vj.
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