So basically I have a song written. Theres a bass and drums and all but I only have one mic (and it's crap) and I just need your help on a few things.

1. What genre is it classified as (Need to know so I know what type of stuff to do with my soon to be band, we only have this song pretty much and no name, thought music should come first.)

2. What kinda lyrics would go with it.

3. Is it at least decent? xD

I'm not really a world class guitarist, I've only been playing a little while, so I'm not a world class songwriter. I'm here with my bassist/lyricist and we're both stumped on all this. So any help you got would be nice


It's under MP3's as "None" which isn't the name, it's simply stating that there is no name... Ya, so thanks in advance.
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well its a pretty chill song, could not give you any ideas on lyrics - thats gotta come from you. One of your higher strings is outta tune or your just accidentally bending it slightly. Over all its kinda cool but it feels a little repetitive. I like the solos and they would sound better with some backing music.
i think your guitars outta tune man...but i agree its a very chillin song...if it was better recorded and stuff itd sound like some kind of beach song? if you know what i mean >.< almost like bob marley or something
My guitar was dropped down a half step I was tuned in Eb, so thats why it sounds out of tune. The solos aren't final btw, that was just improv, I can't seem to write a decent solo. So should I be playing in E tuning? And usually it has a bass and drums and rythym behind it, but you know. And yes I do need a better mic. xD
Feed your mind.
Jack Johnson?

Total campfire rock.

Of course with a full band it could sound like some slow Pearl Jam stuff from their first or second album.
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