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2 18%
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Voters: 11.
Now, I'm pretty certain this guitar is the one I want.

Although it is a very metal looking Ibanez, I mainly play Pop/Punk/Indie genres of music.

I played it through a Fender amp (I have a Fender Blues Junior) at Guitar Center the other day, and the bright tone was brilliant. I know Teles and Strats can be this bright but I just love this tone, and the price is just right.

Now my main question is, will I regret buying this guitar?
I don't know HOW heavily suited it is for other genres of music aside from Metal/Hard Rock.
Well will a Tele handle the overdrive and distortion as well as the Ibanez?

I'm using a Pro Co Rat2 pedal. And I sometimes use my Boss OD/DS.
The Price is right!

Go for it
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i'd say not to get such a metal looking guitar if yer gunna play pop/ punk sh!t
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i have the rg3. its pretty much the same thing... it was one of the best purchases i've made. but i seriously disliked the pickups on the guitar, hence the reason i changed 'em. now they sound much better
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i wouldnt. ibanezs are suited for metal. Especially for that model. if you had a more metal amp than it would sound OK but for pop punk i woulndt do it
I think these are your best options for that style of music
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