so i've just recently started to seriously buckle down and focus on sweeps. I have been practicing a bit with a metrenome (3 string sweeps if it makes a diff) and i have the idea down of picking up your fingers while gliding up and down with the pick. I, in my experience, learn best by practicing songs (and i have no music theory so i don't think i could make my own stuff up). Can anyone reccomend me a few songs with good sweeps in them for me to spend my time practicing, some easy slow sweeps to start out on, some intermediates and maybe a good advanced one just for kicks and giggles?

Thanks in advance
Thunderhorse could probably even be considered early-intermediate, it's pretty basic.
If you want something with some good three string sweeps you could practice 'Redemption' by Shadows Fall - there's plenty in the start of the solo, just slow it down a bit for practice and work your way up. Plus, it sounds killer.
I'm pretty sure 'Spread Your Fire' by Angra has some sweeping in the intro solo, but i'm not quite sure.
BTW, how long have you been playing?

EDIT: In Spread Your Fire, the intro does in fact have sweeping, with added legato notes. Also, the solo has a ****load aswell. Good luck!
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Imperanon - Shadowsouls

that songs pretty fun ^_^ that's a **** load of sweeping...from 3 to 5 I think even 6 strings at one point or another...
so in other words there are really no slower sweeps in songs that i can practice a bit and then accomplish and then move to one slightly faster/harder?

^looked up that imperanon song and it seems REALLY epic

i've been playing just over a year and i've been practicing with an atreyu sweep that i modified a bit hahaha
Rusty Cooley- Butcher
Under the Inlfluence
Those are some "Advance" songs.
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Vela, Together We Await the Storm, if you have a good wide stretch, or Mea Culpa. Both by the Human Abstract.
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