Hey, I'm in the process of customizing a strat, and am comeing to the point of painting. What I want to do, is give it a base coat of grey, and then put a decal on it and respray everything black, then peel off the decal. I was just wondering how well this Idea would work? Do you know if I could get the decal off with out damaging the guitar...and would it peel up the paint underneath it? If anyone knows, some advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Decal hmmm not sure bout that, but when people paint cars they put something on it then repaint and then you get pinstripes, racing stripes etc. it might be decals, but i couldn't be sure. Look up what they use on cars.....the internet is your friend grasshopper...
masking tape. cut it to the shape of the decal, put it on, paint over it, pull it off. its proven to work
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This guitar was painted using decals i purchased from some online company, dont remember the name, decals were applied first then painted over top, then clear coat, decals were left on.

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with that guitar, can you feel the any bump up where the decals are, or is the finish smooth all over?
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the finish is smooth, but it was bumpy, i had to sand it smooth while applying the clear
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That is a very awesome looking guitar, muikoma.

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Masking tape is usually used. Try cutting the masking tape to the shape of the decal. Or just test a similar decal on the same paint on a scrap peice of material to see if it peels or not.