hey guys,
i play lots of blues/rock from the likes of stevie ray vaughan and i was wondering whether ebony would be a good choice for a fingerboard wood. any suggestions?
I'd go maple but yeah.

I think Ebony and Maple are quite similar. Maple might be a bit more 'punchy' though.
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then go for it, you'll be fine

your pickups and style of play are going to do a lot more for a bluesy sound than the fretboard will

most rock guys have ebony boards anyway
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ah cool thanx... i think Stevie ray might of had an ebony fretboard on number one in late 89 since its to dark to be rosewood
aside for playability like sliding and looks it doesn't really matter. Ebony is nice and is well used so go for it. It won't affect your tone it " might" affect your playing, but I don't know I never used ebony.