A year ago I got a Digitech Grunge Distoriton pedal, sounded great, loved the high squeling notes when I play power chords, and the distortion was the sound I heard in my head, but it broke after a week. I need something that sounds the same and is cheap, and I think the DOD is the same, but is it more durable? Can it take abuse? Can I spill Dr. Pepper on it and it will still sound great? (forget the Dr. Pepper question.) Will it withstand the onslaught of normal club playing? Can I step on it hard and it won't break? I think I know what made my Grunge pedal die..... But still! Has anyone tried it?
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Yeah man i have one 2...ive had it for about a year now...and it still works fine...lol...and i jump around on it (which i shouldn't) but hey when ur rockin out...u just dont give a crap lol...but yeah i love it...i use it everyday lol...it helps when ur trying to play a song like BrainStew by GreenDay...it brings out the harmonics...but yeah overall its a great pedal to start out with!!!
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schecter damien 7 is one monster of a guitar.

[Proud owner of a Schecter Damien 7]
lol alright ill take it lol...but yeah im guessing the Dr. Pepper was the main cause of your troubles??? lol...btw did you replace it?? or just going to buy a different one???
Accutually it died for no reason what so ever, I had it for a week, and only used it to play some covers and then in the middle of practice it just.... died and stopped being awesome, and I had replace it with a DS-1 and it doesn't get that much distortion and it doesn't do the high sounds I made with the Grunge pedal I had, so I'm thinking of gettin a new one cause I found out DOD makes a grunge pedal too. So I just bought it off Ebay and now I'm waiting for it to be delivered.
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schecter damien 7 is one monster of a guitar.

[Proud owner of a Schecter Damien 7]
The DOD pedal sounds slightly different than the digitech version - In a good way. The treble frequencys are a bit more controlable, and its less harsh. Its a great pedal, though im not sure if it would withstand dr pepper :P
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i personally dont liek either Grudnge distortion, but i have a DOD multiFX that has grudnge on it.

its better than the digitech, im not sure about durability
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DOD stands for Division of Digitech. If you liked the Digitech, the DOD wont be too far off.
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lol sweet...im lookin into some more distortion pedals...anything ideas about how i could possibly get something much more...um...powerful...like a crunch mixed with a bam...lol...anyways...any ideas on some good pedals lol...thanks...