Not sure if this is the right place to post, but whatever.

OK, what does an entire band need besides the obvious(guitar, bass, players, etc.) to play a gig from small bars to huge venues?? Not an expert on gig and gonna play some shows soon...
P.A. system would be a good thing to have.

A mixer.

Stage lights if you're feeling it.
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a smoke machine n the dude that does the voices for movie trailers
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just assume that every venue doesnt have ANY sound system... and take it from there

edit: the thing that im getting right now is a monitor.... almost in all of there gigs ive played the have been 0 monitors... or really really crappy ones
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all you should need is your basic equipment and material. guitars, cables, amps, drums is all you should need. Most venues have their own PA system and microphones, so you should be able to show up, set up, and play. And having something to play is also an obvious necessity.