I think I just came into possesion of a Gibson Les paul, very Very old. it has alot of fixing up to do, but not sound wise, the humbuckers work perfectly and the neck is straight as a line, nothing wrong with the frets or bridge, But, the neck has a crack in the back, theres so many scratches on the body, theres some really BIG scratches, the bindings cracking, the gibson logo has been painted over, the paint on the neck is pretty much gone, the fret markers seem to be way too high. The reason why i have posted this thread is because that i dont actually own the Les Paul, i've been givin it to fix some of the stuff up(by a friend) and he doesnt know exactly what he has, im thinkin about offering him $50-75 for it, and what i want to know is,is it worth it, in the long run?