what key is
The Show Must Go On

I know it switches key so I need that key too

I also want to know the key of other queen songs if you know them off the top of your head

I am trying to make a queen medley of 4 songs

any help I can get I'd appreciate

I am buying the tab books tomorrow so that I can see what else I can do

You can get the tabs/PowerTabs/Guitar Pro tabs here on UG, you know.

It isn't just a forum we got here
It starts inn D Major, then goes to I think E major (4 sharps in the key signature) then back to D

I have a Queen music book with some songs in it so I might be able to find more
thanks chocolate man
I appreciate your help

blue strat
I'm not the smartest at music theory and I cant open power tabs or guitar pro on my mac for some reason