I really like all of it, it's really well put together. The only thing that I could think to improve is to slightly reduce the volume on the vox, they seem to overpower everything else in a few of the songs.
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its called

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Hey, which song exactly. The ones I listened to are pretty good anyway.

Thanks for taking the time to listen I think theres a limit of 2 songs to be posted/promoted on here each week, so I guess the first one 'Home' for now.

...but maybe fingers could slip on the "click here to download" album link on the page >_> haha
I posted the following write up on the myspace page, and it should hopefully attempt to answer questions about what type of music it is, theme of the album, inspirations etc.

The end focus of the album was always kind of big initially, or at least when I started liking what was playing back; to collect a bunch of songs that could form an album and send them out to every record label I could find. That was really just my version of every girls popstar dream though, and I soon started to appreciate the distribution of the internet and the price tag on music being free (a lot down to albums like Radiohead - In Rainbows, NIN - Ghosts I-IV) to gain awareness of my music. It would also be rather hypocritical of me to consume music online and turn around to ask money for my own, so I made the decision to just give everything away for free. I think eventually with all bands and artists the music aspect will become free, and what else they offer the public, whether it be dvds, movies, merch, will become more prominent.

The album itself has a very consistent theme, very reflective of Frank Sinatra’s In The Wee Small Hours album cover; lonely, deserted and drifting around the calm and eerie city streets as early morning creeps in. I’m a creature of the early morning hours, often up until 5-6am, and its at these late hours a lot of the recording, inspiration, and ideas for the album took place, so this mood consistently crops up in lyrics and artwork and sound.

Space is another concept that appears throughout, due to my love and intrigue in the environments or ideas that portray space and stars with a sense of ethereal calm; to relax and feel like you’re there. These personal themes make the album into a very personal piece, there’s no characters or stories that didn’t happen, everything had to be from my own head, and its this kind of honesty that hopefully gives it some sincerity.

The albums Radiohead - OK Computer, Bruce Springsteen - Nebraska, and U2 - The Joshua Tree, had another big chunk of impact on my album, as the consistent inspiration and reference points to how I wanted to sound, or what I wanted to achieve. The expansive and futuristic themes on ’OK Computer’... the intimate acoustic guitar recorded in his bedroom, exactly like my situation on ’Nebraska’... and what Space and America and great landscapes should sound like on ’Joshua Tree’ all deeply inspired me.

As for the recording process behind the songs, every song is crafted on acoustic guitar, and that basic skeleton is put down first. It’s only me, so I’m in control of everything, and from there I experiment and play around with what can be added; electric guitar, bass, programmed drums, synth, harmonica, and anything else that works.

I feel like I’ve created an album I can be proud of, and at this stage I can only hope to reach others and hope they experience some what I intended, and find enjoyment in it.