hey all. just thought id throw up a few pics of my latest project, and a few other random shots og my guitars. the green one is the one ive just finished. its just some half decent strat copy, that i repainted(excuse the huuuge run in one of the pics lol, i play punk so its all park of it) . i use it for the alternate tuned songs in my band. the lps a 1996 epi standard limited edition, the white strat is an old project i did, and the viper was my old guitar that i sold to buy my lp. enjoy.

haha yep there sure is. thats what happensa when you spray at night when you cant see and your drunk...lol. but yeh i wasnt after a perfect finish so im happy with how it turned out.
thanks =D i realy love the colour a and its such a nice guitar to play. gets peoples attention on stage too so thats alwasy a bonus