Anyone has one? How is it?

I want to upgrade from my vj combo to higher watts and no onboard crap. The pro jr is what I'm looking at but I'm open to sugs for tube amps around 15 watts.

I have pedals to do the sound shaping so I wanted only a volume knob and/or EQ knob(s) on the amp.

Anyway what's your fav tube amps at around 15 watts?
I like the Pro Jr more than the Blues Jr tbh. Not as much controls but that leads to simplicity that the VJ has and I kind of like. My favorite 15 watter is probably the Crate V16. I have one and didnt see an amp better for the price so I got the V16. The Vox AC15 is pretty nice too, but a little too steep for my liking.
A lot of people prefer the PJ to the BJ. I do, too. I also think the simple circuit has something to do with it. Great little amp. The only drawback might be the 10" speaker, where most other 15W combos will have a 12". But it sounds like you know what you want, and that the PJ will fit the bill.

My son has the Palomino V16. It's been very good to him. But he has the US made model, and I've heard about some reliability issues with the newer ones. Something to consider.

Blackheart Handsome Devil (if it's out) and the Peavey Windsor Studio are probably both worth a look before you buy, too. They're newer products that I have no first hand experience with.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

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