Anyone bothered tol learn it?
i have, great song
5mins of guitar solos yeh
Legend LP
Nylon Acoustic
Legend 10D Amp
Korg AX3G

Hell yeah it's a good song! And i was listening to it this morning! I also got the album a few weeks ago and it's got all these awesome songs on it.
Grinspoon does full guitar solos? From memory, last time I heard Grinspoon was their song Hard Act To Follow and that guitar solo was really tiny/simple.

I'll take a look @ the GP tab now and see what it's like.

EDIT: No GP file but judging from the top rated tab, it's not that long/complex

Looks like it'd sound alright
Another Grinspoon song with an awesome solo is Killswitch, the solo isn't very long but its pretty damn insane. Killswitch is on New Detention.