So, I'm looking at getting one of these puppies for some low-down jazz lines, and to sound cool/impress friends, but I had a few questions.

- Do the strings wear out like normal metal ones?
- Where can I get new strings?
- How accurate is the sound to a double bass?
- Any concerns about quality (craftsmanship, reliability, etc.)?
- All in all, worth the $300?

Thanks guys.
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links to informative websites would be helpful
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An 18" scale will not sound like a double bass. Its almost half the length of a REGULAR bass. Thats not saying I wouldn't want to play one to see what its like. The whole idea of an 18" scale bass wont give you much technique wise. Seems a bit toyish to me.
It might seem like a toy, but it's a very interesting instrument. If you're at all interested in that type of sound, I would try one out.

check out all they videos on youtube
they dead serious about thuggin like that
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Toyish is a good word.

If you are wondering if it is worth 300 dollars... maybe if you are wealthy, if not you will be buying something frivilous.

btw.. If I saw someone playing this, I would first be very confused, then very sad; for I would be looking at someone who I would consider having no music awesomeness.

but warning- I am mean.. Save the 300 and put it towards a nice effects pedal or head that you could get a double- bassish sound from.
He don't remember, how it got there
It had a number, written on his forearm
It spelled disaster
Money's not really an issue. I got lucky with a will, that's all I can really say. I'm not going to paint the town and buy every little thing, but I have some money set aside for my personal entertainment.

I guess I'll try it out at the store, which was what I was planning to do.

Anyone know anything about the reliability?
I knew someone had posted on this bass not too long ago. I have never tried one myself but here was kranoscorp's review from a previous thread on travel basses.

Thoughts on the Ashbury
This travel bass is the smallest on the list, coming at a miniscule 18" scale. This is both a blessing and a curse. At 18", it is probably as portable as you can get, however for some (myself included) it is too small. It also features a piezo pickup, and comes in a fretless version. It comes in multiple colors, so it is not too sore on the eyes.

TLDR version
-very portable
-piezo pickup
-18" scale may be too small

Hope this helps!
... damn.

Well, it helped a lot, actually. I think I'll buy one. If nothing else, I have a novelty bass that I can sell.

That'll hopefully explain a few things and give you a rough idea for how it sounds.
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It seems verry worth 300 bucks to me.I might just get one too.
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i listened to 1 once and it sounded kind of double bass(no the same thing but similar)
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