I have a boss bd-2 blues driver and a ts9 and i was playing around w/ them and i tried using both of them at the same time.(i think did this) It sounded really muddy so i wanted to know if someone could tell me the settings on the pedals and amp to sound like SRV and John Mayer. My other question is if i did this could i get a Mayer like tone? I kno he uses two amps, but i was wondering if using the ts9 and the bd-2(which he has both) would kinda get that two rock amp tone. If not what would help me get on track towards that tone?

Just use your ear. Keep fiddling I use 4 different types of overdrive and distortion. They are set up to work really well with each other. But this didn't happen overnite. Take your time at least you will know what your pedals are capable of.
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Unless you have a tube amp, overdriving overdrive just gets muddy, unfortunately.
Pedals are solid state, so pedaling a pedal loses tone.
Unless you're going for muddy.

I don't really listen to either of them (on a regular basis), but I'd imagine John uses a tube amp and uses the pedal to boost his lead sound, and has both pedals so he has two sounds at his disposal.