Yes i read the sticky and went to the site. How do i get an amp simulator to run thru audacity and what the heck is all these plugins for-for audacity? is it an amp simulator?
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Never tried it, but since audacity does support VST I guess you could be able to use an amp simulator, like amplitube or guitar rig with it and record your guitar.

But you need an audio interface first, look up for recording guitar over the internet, you'll find all the information you need.
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Oh...theres no way to do this guitar--->pc--->simulator---->audacity

You could trie via your input line of your original sound card, but it'll suck like never before, you wont get anything decent since it's not meant to take a signal like that.

You would need something like this : http://www.m-audio.com/products/en_us/JamLab-main.html
Do you mean a software amp sim or a hardware one like the line 6 pods?

Plugins are like little programs that work inside a recording program, anbd usually just do a specific job, like an effect. You can get reverb, chorus, EQ, compressors... .etc.

Audacity supports some VST plugins but mostly they make it crash, so I don't think you'll will be able to get an amp sim to work in it.
Quote by shredbeyndshred
Oh...theres no way to do this guitar--->pc--->simulator---->audacity

This is possible, but it usually doesn't yield good results, due to your PC's sound card not being made for this specific application. The "simulator" that you're looking for would run inside Audacity (or the recording software you're using). It would be in the form of a plugin called VST. There are lots of VSTs out there, some free, some not. Try searching Google, and you should get hits to some sites.

Anyways, I'm not at all familiar with Audacity, so that's where I'll stop. I suggest taking a good look at the Audacity sticky at the top of this forum. People put some work into that to answer these EXACT questions.

In the future you may want to look into buying a recording interface for your PC. This type of device yields MUCH better results sound quality wise, and often times come bundled with recording software and built in preamps.

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Hmm...I don't think an amp simulator can be stuck on Audacity...their plugins are more the audio-corrective type usually found on mastering software. You could try this host and Freeamp, then have Audacity record the stereo out (or get the slavery version and KRISTAL). Of course, your sound won't be good if your card's stock (and also, you'll need a DI box and a XLR-1/8 cable assuming a normal consumer card).