hello all,

i bought an epiphone les paul 100 yesterday, and taking it home i realised that i couldn't get the low-E to sound the right note. it could either be too high and tight (with a risk of snapping the string) or too low and loose (so low that strumming it causes it to rattle irritatingly). the most 'comfortable' note to set it to was a C.
the same followed for the next few strings, and risking a string, i attempted to tune the D-string accurately. this resulted in a snapped string, and i'm going to take it into a guitar shop tomorrow to see what's going on.
the strings towards the high-E side were almost tunable, but after the D-string i figured it wasn't worth snapping another few.

basically my problem, for those too irritated by long bodies of text to read the whole thing, is that the low-E-string is impossible to tune accurately, the sound being either too low or too high. putting it either way makes it come close to rattling my ****ing brain off or snapping the string into my face.

i'm also sure that problem isn't with the tuners, as i have used two different tuners and they both report the same notes across the (fret)board.

any help would be much appreciated,
Try putting on different strings. Maybe the ones that are on it right now over worn out.
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well i bought it yesterday, so should i just take it into the store and get it done over?
Sounds like the guitar could do with being properly set up at a store, yes.

It could also simply be old, knackered, worn out strings though (the strings Epi supply with guitars like the 100 aren't exactly great strings), perhaps the strings weren't put on properly in the first place (in fact, incorrectly re-stringing is the #1 reason why a guitar has tuning problems. Even the very cheapest of guitars can normally hold tuning fine provided they were re-strung correctly), or you might just be tuning them very, very badly. I remember when I first got a guitar I snapped several strings because I simply didn't realise that I had over-tuned the strings too high and was trying to get them to the right note... but a whole octave too high...
yeah well there are two achievable octaves, one too low and rattly and one too high and tight. except on one particular string the high is snappy.
i'll take it in tomorrow.