Can anyone share their experience with any Engl amps? I'm thinking of buying an Engl Invador. I'm looking for some feedback by Engl owners.
ENGLs are pretty good. They're not quite on the level of Diezel or VHT in my opinion, but they're definitely interesting and have a unique sound. I've owned the Powerball and Fireball models, and played a Savage 120 thoroughly. The Powerball I found extremely compressed and sterile, very processed sounding. It sort of had a solid-state like responsiveness, very mechanical. That said it did have a lot of balls and it cut well. In the end I just found my VHT Pittbull UL put it to shame in every way imaginable so I sold it fairly quickly.

The Fireball however was pretty cool. It has a little darker more low-mid snarl to it which I liked. It still suffered from the processed/sterile vibe that the Powerball did, but it's a little more organic. I prefer the Fireball. This is the amp I owned before I purchased my VHT, I liked it a lot even though it was a one trick pony.

The Savage 120 I think is an improvement over both. Definitely more versatile, better cleans and a more organic tubey sound. It was very good but still didn't really do what I wanted.

I do hear the Invader 100 is the best ENGL out there, so you may very well love it. I haven't played that one yet however. Just based on my experience with other ENGLs though, I personally would go with a VHT, Diezel, Bogner, etc over it. Those amps just sound and feel more like tube amps to me, and frankly just sound better.

That's just my opinion, you may very well love the Invader. Good luck finding your sound
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Check out Splawn, Mako, Diezel, VHT, Bogner, and Framus as well.

I personally think ENGL are amazing though.
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please no one compare them with Diezel, VHT or Bogner - these are another level in price and build!

Engls are superb for the money and sometimes have sounds that rival Bogner etc

very bright amps, which for me is quite a downside

what music are you looking to play with it?
I play progessive metal so I need a searing metal tone. IU also need a bright, crystal clear clean. My rig right now is powerful and potent but im ready for a change.