i played a vox valvetronix and a line 6 spider valve
and well i was pleasantly surprised at both
although the line 6 is just the spider sounding somewhat better
the vox was just as good in tone too
any thoughts?
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I tried a Spider Valve, and it was okay. But then again, I didn't really get a chance to crank it, so I don't know how good it really sounds.
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I really like the line 6, so I bought one. I do believe that the solid state line 6's did suck tone wise, like a beehive some people say but with the valve i can get a much more...meaty sound to it. it's just alot better but you really have to sit down and work with it, it won't come easy.
I've never heard much good about SPiders, and nothing but good about Vox amps. Go for that Vox.
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i havent played the spider but my band mate has one....and Ive owned a POD in the past and Ive never been impressed with there stuff.....on the other hand, I own a Valvetronix Half Stack and Love It!!! it has everything I would ever want in an amp, plus more....11 models, 11 effects, built in noise gate, adjustable power output.....I can get some Really sweet sounding feedback as well!! if only they made a slant cab for it.....
I tried every spider in the series.

First two sucked.

Spider III was alright, a lot tighter and generally less noisy. Clean sound was absolute ****. Distortion is very buzzy, but not as much as the previous ones. I found it hard to use due to the presets. The settings skip up and down.

Spider Valve, despite the tube circuitry, Bogner design and Celestion speaker, sounds virtually identical to the Spider III, only the clean sound was better.

In fact, I think the III had better metal tones than the Valve.

Conclusion: me not like.