its decent... def. def. def. need to work on the vocals... not really the sound... but the recording... in some you cant hear the person, in others it def. has a digital feel to it... and i dont mean that in the good way... and you need to bring in some new chord structure... but all in all it was decent... you def. got some potential
Thanks. I recorded it on a friend of mines laptop so that explains why the sound is a bit messed up. He wanted it recorded one with vocals and one with just music which threw things off of synch a bit.

Thanks for the feedback though.
I've now got more songs on my myspace. There are 4 new originals (Lullaby, Canonical Five, Pen To Paper, and Broken Heart Show, all of who's lyrics have been posted here). So please check it out and leave feedback. Link is in the first post.
Okay, so I'm going to re-record one of the newer songs on my page hopefully with better equipment to "test it out". Does anybody have recommendations as to which one to record again?