Ok, so on VH1 classic last night theres was this movie from 1982 i believe called Heavy Metal-it was animated.
Anybody else seen this movie?
I personally thought that it was one of the most trippy movies ive ever seen.

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the movie about that green glowey thing telling stories or something? it was supposedly done by a bunch of different artists, all by hand--each frame. yeah it was trippy. they made a Heavy Metal 2000 i think is what its called, but its really different.
I've seen it in the video store before and always been curious about it. It's not actually related to metal music at all is it? Is it any good though?
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I thought it was gonna be about some Heavy Metal band saving the world from an evil force of robots, just for the irony...

I was a bit close, but I thought it was pretty good for putting up some Black Sabbath to fit in some awesome invasion scene.
Oh god is that what it was?

I thought it was an old school cartoon pr0n...

since my cousin was a porn addict and when i snuck into his room i saw that movie on his dresser so i just assumed =X
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