so i ordered a ibanez distortion pedal from musiciansfriend. com right? well the box for it comes today i open it and nothing is inside it besides paper and a guitar center magazine. Im just wondering how in the hell are they going to believe this story and if i should even bother with it
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Call them up. If their customer service is good enough they'll help you. I've read of people purchasing products from newegg.com that went through the same thing and they had no problems getting it resolved. So its really based on the customer service.
lol you're screwed. seriosuly, I'm sorry for you but you should take a pic and put it up with a caption saying "EBAY- its cheaper for a reason"
They sent you a piece of paper inside a box?
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Did you play for the shipping?
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go eat a hermanpherdite.
Sue the hell out of them. You could get more money to buy a new amp.
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no i didnt pay for the shipping since my order was over 100 bucks

I'm so sorry.
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yeah u have a point, like how can u prove to them that u didnt take the pedal and sell it and PRETEND you didn't get, hope u get the prob fixed dude
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Keep telling them about it and dont give in.
Make them investigate it or something

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that's a pretty big box for a pedal... but either way you should contact them. Tell them what you got etc, maybe they sent the pedal to somebody that ordered a magazine (if you can order that) (in a huge box)... it's worth a try.

edit: that or some idiot at the post center or whatever opened it and took the pedal. Then it doesn't look too good for you.
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No they don't, and UG is proof...
Was the side of the box ripped like that when you received it or perhaps opened and retaped?
no i riped that part open and the box literally weighed less then a pound maybe even less than half
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Box on box eh?

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no i riped that part open and the box literally weighed less then a pound maybe even less than half

Oh I see. Was thinking that perhaps the shipping company could have just snagged the item and repacked it.

Best thing I can really think of is to call them up as I said. Don't let them screw with ya, and get "pissy" if they refuse to do anything about it. If nothing can be resolved perhaps you can get file a complaint with the BBB to see if they can help you.
^ Not the kind of box I was expecting

Seriously, as Melan said, don't let this happen. Step 1 is to complain to the mofuggers who shipped you the magazine. If that doesn't work, then bring them down!!!!

Ship them some poo in a box?
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go eat a hermanpherdite.
Dude, that blows. Just pester the hell out of them until they cave.
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