ok so i got my bass [ibanez gsr200] and i pick up my amp tuesday [ibanez sw35]... so now that ive got it where do i start? Should i begin with scales? Or should i buy one of those cheezey learn to play bass books? I cant afford lessons right away bc of classes and minimum wage pay...sigh... anyways are there any good books to read/learn bass from or wat?

oh and thanks for the tips guys....
i would learn a few of your favorite songs that are fairly easy
and get comfortable with the instrument
then maybe you should focus on scales and fingering
i'm in almost the same situation except i have a squire p-bass and fender amp. i just started trying out a few of my favourite songs, basically like dwardom said to get used to the instrument and got get a grasp on fretting. though when i eventually get round to it, i'll be getting lessons (i'm on minimum wage pay too) cuz as i know from keyboard, you can only go so far teaching yourself
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well for me im not like a complete noob to instruments, i have had a general music class for school and i had been learning guitar for that class for half a semester [earlynovember until last week, now im out of that class] ... then i decided to play bass and get my own. hope that better describes my situation
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my very first song was enter sandman by metallica
im sure there are easier songs than that
but its a pretty simple song
First song i learned was "With or With out You" - U2. Really simple, 4/4 timing, and its loud enough to play along too.

ya study bass is great. since you're not new to music if you did get a book go with the second book in the series. they don't tend to do anything too crazy with technique til at least the second book. But study bass should have your back. Maybe if you want to buy a book of scales and such just so it's handy when you're not able to get on the net.
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