Ok you got your guitar, but where do you keep it? is it in its case at all times, in some long forgotten secret vault that you only know of? or is it simply on a stand. Since we never stop learning I personally believe all of your critical guitars be within arms distance so you can begin playing when you feel the need, be it after school, work, a trip to the turlet (wash your hands please!) or you saw the guitar there so you decided to play it. So in other words.

::Where do you keep your guitar
::How often do you play the thing
::How do you play it (Standing up, sitting down, jumping, cant recall...etc.etc)
::And do you think its convenient
::You can post pics too if your up to it

Ok, so lets start this thing, well i have a few guitars, i keep a few of em on my homemade rack (holds three guitars) and I find it very convenient because i walk in through my door, grab a guitar, and fall into my bed, after a short while i realize im not plugged in so i do the obvious and plug in. In otherwards i play the thing every day and almost every time I walk in.
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On stands in my room
everyday at every moment that i can
standing and sitting
convenient to keep them on a stand, Yes
(pics maybe later)
::Where do you keep your guitar: My room, on a stand by my other guitar.
::How often do you play the thing: everyday about 3 hours a day
::How do you play it: usually standing up unless I'm having trouble with something then sittin
::And do you think its convenient: yeah I guess
::You can post pics too if your up to it: nah just go look at my profile... my old guitar is on the stand in those pics, because I'm usually playing the other one.
On my stand or in cases
Every day at random times when I feel like playing
Sitting down or standing
Yes, I can just grab it off the stand
Check my profile if you really must see
What he said. I have eight guitars lined up on stands in my living room, and I cycle through them according to what I feel like playing. Many nights, I play several of them. Good times.
I have a friend who lives right by the ocean, so he can't expose his axes to the salt air, and it bugs him. He has to keep them cased at all times to prevent corrosion.
Where: In my bedroom, only place where I can play it without someone moaning...

When: I have a quick jam before school when I get up, then a longer one when I get in.

Weekends, I play the thing whenever I'm not doing homework pretty much.

How: Standing usually, occasionally lying on my bed when I'm absolutely shattered.

Convenient? Not really, whenever I want to record something I need to move the whole setup through into the study, then back after I'm done.
acoustic - in hardshell case at all times, unless I'm with it, then it's leaning against my bed for easy access (very important)
electric - upright in open gig bag for easy access (very important)
bass - on stand for easy access (very important)

everyday, or as often as I can. anytime I have free time

usually sitting at my desk while on UG

meh, not really, but it's fine with me cause they're all safe

sorry no pics
In the cases by the amp
at least 8 hours a day (no work+no school=lotta time)
mixture of dancing, standing, and the occasional break dancing
as convient as a gang of mexican waiters
and i like keeping my soul intact so no
I have all my stuff in my bedroom NOW. Used to leave it all downstairs in the dining room, but I'm building a mini home studio in my bedroom, and my guitar stays on a stand inside my room.
Ony my wall.
I only have one at the time, but am planning on getting a warmoth RR and probably some other Ibanez RG at some point as a backup.

I play whenever I have time

Standing and sitting

Well, it works, and I have no room to have stands.

I would post pics, but I'd like myself a nicer guitar first.
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3 that sit in cases, two of which are almost never used the other one is used so often there is simply no point in taking it out. 7 sit on a 7 guitar stand, three on the wall, 3 on individual stands and one that just kinda leans against my amp.

they are all used constantly cept for two of em in the cases. i use them all for different sounds at different times. or for the type of bridge involved
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I have several Wall hangers in my room that I use to hang my guitars up.

just like that except my deans there. I have another one near by for my ibanez. Im getting a new one soon for my Acoustic.

I have a whole music corner/wall. Keyboard mounted on wall, under it is my new Randall RG75D, and on both sides is a guitar. I also have a lava lamp beside the keyboard for those trippy keyboard song inspirations. I need to put a picture up because it truly looks sick. Unfortunately I have no camera
::Where do you keep your guitar: On a gaming chair (works as a nice guitar stand), or in its case.
::How often do you play the thing: Every day, anywhere from 15 minutes to 5+ hours.
::How do you play it (Standing up, sitting down, jumping, cant recall...etc.etc): All of the previously stated.
::And do you think its convenient: Considering the circumstances, yes.
::You can post pics too if your up to it: Too lazy.
::Where do you keep your guitar - In my case when it's not being used (softshell) and in my room at night.

::How often do you play the thing - I play whenever I can (usually that's everyday unless it's crunch time for school.)

::How do you play it (Standing up, sitting down, jumping, cant recall...etc.etc) - I play 90 percent sitting down and the 10 percent standing (sitting is just not the same as standing).

::And do you think its convenient - Yes because I keep it in the family room during the day so I can just pick it up whenever I want to (I also keep my practice amp in the family room :P).
I keep them on stands in my room
I try to play them every day
I play usually sitting, sometimes standing and sometimes at night i lie on my bed and play slide with my accoustic or play my electric not plugged in
Used to keep them in bags but this is way better
no pics too lazy
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I only have one and I keep it in my soft case, ready to go at all times. It's rarely more than 10 feet from me at all times.

I usually play every day

I really have no idea what I do more, standing or sitting.

I think it's fairly convienient
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::Where do you keep your guitar: In a stand.
::How often do you play the thing: For hours every day
::How do you play it (Standing up, sitting down, jumping, cant recall...etc.etc): sitting and standing.
::And do you think its convenient: Yep.
::You can post pics too if your up to it: No.
I always keep mine in the case, no chance for accidents. I play every day for time to time during the day. I wear a strap whether I sit or stand.
Where do you keep your guitar - My MIA Fender Deluxe Strat stays in its case, whether that's in my room or downstairs. Everything else stays out on a stand. Usually I have an acoustic in my room, unless I'm in a creative patch (like I am now) so I take an electric up and my decent amp.

::How often do you play the thing - Two hours a day, I would guess. A solid hour practicing and then another hour added up through all the times I instinctivley pick one up whilst my PC is doing something or I'm causually watching TV.

::How do you play it (Standing up, sitting down, jumping, cant recall...etc.etc) - I sit in my room and I stand downstairs where there's more space.

::And do you think its convenient - What to be convenient? The entire setup? Yeah. From anywhere in my house I only have to take *does some calculations" 14 steps to be at some sort of guitar.
I always return my guitar to its hardshell case... it doesn't take that much time to pull it out!
The reasons are...
1) The hardshell case protects your guitar from rapid changes in humidity and temperature that can still occur indoors (furnace, doors/windows opening closing, sunlight, weather etc)
2) It protects your guitar from accidental damage period!
My previous guitar (American Stratocaster) used to always sit on its stand, one day I noticed it has mysteriously developed a good size dent on the body near the body bevel which no one knew anything about!
Never rest your guitar against a wall if it's an LP style (Angled headstock) as you're stressing the headstock/neckjoint which is weak due to wood removal for the trussrod access area.
Never rest your guitar against an amp as if it suddenly slides off sideways you could run into some serious trouble. Guitar stands are for temporary storage only as they can be knocked over too. Wall-Hanging versions are stable but don't protect against sunlight, temp or humidity.
::Where do you keep your guitar

Usually on stands, but if I'm setting one down and I'm going to play it again soon, I'll lean it against my amp or the wall. I have two stands and four guitars though, so it can be a pain.

::How often do you play the thing

A few hours a day. Sometimes I'm more creative and I'll play throughout the whole day almost.

::How do you play it (Standing up, sitting down, jumping, cant recall...etc.etc)
Usually sitting but sometimes I'll stand because I'm sick of sitting for so long.

::And do you think its convenient
My guitar location? Or sitting and playing? The former: My guitar stands are in the other room, and I'm kind of lazy, so I tend to favor the leaned-against-the-amp method. As for the latter, it is unless I plan on playing for extended periods of time. And I play in front of my computer, which gives me a small gap between my desk and my bed. I need to rearrange things.

::You can post pics too if your up to it

Nah. :p