OK. first of all before you post i want you toread this first sentence. i want to make something clear i like both cars, they have there share of problems , and priced very competively. mainly looking for a good mpg,fun, and cool but the thing is i cant decide so the people who have owned one or owned both great give me some info. i really dont care about price to much.. because i want the car that seems to be fit for me.
the prices:
1983 porsche 944:$2500 but i can get him down 2 $2000
1984 pontiac fiero se :we dont know we havent got to find out much on it yet....but the guy supposey mumbled $2100 which is no way in hell im payin that.....

they're booth in good condition the fiero i dont know much about yet but will look at it tuesday or something like that.
so heres the porche info:
156k miles
avg 22-30 mpg (depending on location and driver
5-spd ( i never really drove stick before but my dad said i have to learn anyway so why not now ?)
good condtion on frame onlya tiny scrape on the paint and thats it
interior is good on it except theres water in the floor board but he says "supposely" the sun roof wasnt on all the way
new stereo system and speakers
goldish color w/black interior
good motor and transmission ( that i know of)
new looking tires
total in looks and inspection so far(we test drive it tomarrow (march 16th))
fiero info that i got so far is:
2.5l 4 cycl
27-40 mpg (confirmed by pontiac and epa but i dont think its that much)
nice interior (one rip on the driver's seat)
nice body on it had some tape on the right lower front but no indentions or anything and no paint fading or anything looks brand new if it were to be shined up
don't know if it runs
has a stereo in it
good tires but some of them are not up been sitten for a while but nice tread

so basically i want 2 know your 2 cents and why you feel that way and your review if owned one or both. things i forgotten to mention with liability no differnece in insurance none whats so ever. on parts place the parts for the fiero were alot cheaper than a 1993 ford explorer and the porsche 1983 944 wasn't much difference almost the same. if you post dont get stupid on this but its your opinion so all that said let the roasting and blood bath begin
Enough goddamn "what car to buy" threads.

Buy the Fiero so it goes on fire, which it will. Ever wonder why those pieces of **** where nicknamed "Fire-o's"?
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american crap?
european dream?

porsche. great great cars and you know it runs if you dont know the the feiro runs dont bother with it cause your in thousands of dollars more if it doesnt.

Definitely the Porsche, I've owned a 944 and it was such a great driver's car for the money.
Well instinctively i would chose the Porsche because that is my FAVORITE body style and year; if i had a Porsche, that would be it.

The Porsche all the way dude. I was going to comment that Porsche might be expensive but looks like you have it narrowed down.

What about accidents? You can tell if the car has been repainted if look at the hood where it meets the glass; you will have to pop the hood.

Porsche in my opinion:
-It will always be a classic
-Imports (especially Porsche) stand by their name and make quality products
-Nice to say "I own a Porsche"
-Chicks dig big scars and sport cars (oh yea........def)

Porsche man, do it.
I'd go for the porsche personally. A few of my friends have had fieros and to me they are sorta boring. Not very fast, however they do have an extensive aftermarket niche. But I have always loved the 944 and I plan on getting on for myself one day when I have the time to properly restore it. Both are decent choices though, good luck in your decision.
ya i like both of them and i was already leaning to the porsche ya ill look for body damge and plan on making it a everyday car ya i know about the fire thing but thanks for the advise i think im to test drive them both on tuesday i might drive the porsche today but he is buying a starter for it... but they both look nice and well taken care of
**** em both and get a motorcycle like me,.
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nah.... no into motorcycles too much ya porsche seems to be the way to go and probably the way to go ,but i want to give the fiero a chance