Wow, very nice echoed percussion on Thoughts of a wanderer, at the start it works very well. The screamo parts add a really cool contrast, I think it all fits together very very nicely. Bring the healing starts off like a new Linkin Park song, thats a good thing though, now I like that little pause and then the quiet guitar part, screamo again makes it sound good and causes a nice contrast with the vocals. Legitimacies starts off like a classic rock song, and continues like that showing a good amount of versatility within the band, the slight screaming sounds pretty cool. Live the dream is awesome, my favourite song out of all of them, its freaking genius, the drums are awesome on this track. Someone Something works very well with the synth and the harmonmy guitar at the start is brillaint. Confined Suspension starts off like a lamb of god song, but sounds awesome all the way thgroughout.

Thats a really good 6 tracks

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