I went to Ozzy's Black Rain concert last night (though he hardly did any songs from the album) and it was awesome but I was wondering if anyone has a link to the video that was played at the start with all the mock up tings like LOST, the office, ect. I cant find it anywhere. And i want the full one not just a section of it.

hahaha when i saw them in Toronto, that video was hilarious. And i dont think its a black rain concert. I think its just an ozzy concert?

not sure thoe
same i went last nite , yer that was funny as .. , can't belive zakk threw out his guitar
Pfftt I saw them in October.

Those videos were pretty funny though, I saw them on youtube but I can't remember what I typed in.
Right on the Barrier, right infront of Zakk. Got soaked by Ozzy, and went off my head in the pit.

My 5'5" girlfriend was giving as good as she got too. Was giving it to whoever got in her way, they stuck an elbow in, she stuck one straight back.

So Proud. *tear*

Absolutely Loved the whole show. Would of liked to hear Miracle Man, No More Tears, Perry Mason, Ultimate Sin though. Actually, im picky and would of quite happily stood there through his entire catologue.

Saw Zakk throw the guitar in, and saw some guy sticking the boot into somebody else for it.

Sevendust SUCKED. Almost fell asleep. What the hell was that stupid black singer on? Strutting around touching himself?

And for the video's. Go to YouTube and type in Ozzy Concert Intro


UG BLS Chapter.
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Oh dude how was your concert i cant wait til Thursday when hes in brisbane i hope its f**kin awesome....
what am i saying of course itl be f**kin awesome its OZZY!!!!!!!!