Right. Well, I'm thinking about getting a new amp head, but first I'd like to know;
-Does it require a cab? Or can you just plug it into a PA system?

Input would be greatly appreciated.
No it does not require a cab, but you can also not plug straight into the PA. EDIT: If the power amp side of the amp is active. There are some models which will disable the power amp when the DI out is in use. This is more of an exception than a rule, though.

There needs to be a load connected to the amp, usually this is in the form of one or several speakers. If you play through speakers, your options for getting the sound to the PA are basically to either mic the speaker, or use a DI box.

If you do not want to use a cab, then you need something else to work as a load, usually you would use what is known as a "loadbox". To the amp, the loadbox looks just like any speaker would, that is the amp behaves exactly the same. Usually the load box will also have a line out, which is what you plug into the PA. You probably also want to use some speaker simulator, to simulate what the speakers do to the sound.

One highly recommended product is the Palmer PDI-03, or the PDI-04 if you want some extra controls. These units are loadboxes, with line outs and built in speaker simulators. The PDI-03 has been used professionally for quite some time by a lot of people, Eddie Van Halen to name one of them.
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