My pedalboard is powered by one PSU that is daisy-chained into all 5 stompboxs. The problem is that it is very noisy...lots of hum even when they are off (but powered up). The PSU is a cheap one not specifically made for guitar stompboxs so maybe this is the problem.

I know I could buy something that is called a brick that will no doubt be better but it is bulky and expensive.

I know batteries are always quiter and I use battries for recording.

Is the PSU the main cause and would a better one (maybe a boss) be the solution. Perhaps one made for the purpose?

Any Ideas?


Yeah for sure. Also make sure you get a good quality daisy chain.

What pedals are you using?
Good Guitars
Good Pedals
Good Amps

That is all.
Pedals are

Boss DS1, Ibanez TS7, Rocktek Distortion/Overdrive (DIOD-02), Arion Stereo Chorus (SCH-Z) and a budget Wah that looks a bit like a crybaby.