i've been playing bass for about 2 years and guitar for about one, and i can't decide whether i should buy a new guitar or bass. i enjoy playing them both equally, but both of my instruments are in fairly bad condition. Also it would be helpful if you could give me advice on which guitar/bass i should get (looking to spend between £200 and £300 [$400-$600])
you should do a test! Throw both of them down the roof and the first one to hit the ground wins! Easy!
Whatever you think would be most useful to you in the future. What do you plan on doing with your bass/guitar? Are you in or planning on doing a band thing or...
Hmmmm, well, thats a pickle then...
It really is up to you.. I play bass myself, but maybe you should wait more and then see how you feel? Although keep this in mind, LOTS more people play Electric than bass, but its hard to find a good bass player..
Hope that helps..
well i do seem to be better at bass than electric, so i think i shall go with a new jazz bass, thanks for your help
Play Bass - there in demand. You'll find it really easy to find a band once your ready.