Title says it all.

Me and my Dad had this arguement/discussion about telecasters.

Well what are you views? Just how versatile are they????

For country = awesome
For blues = relatively awesome
For indie = pretty much the only choice
For punk = very cutting and punchy
For metal = works well with a pedal, believe it or not
Well there is a limit, they can handle blues, rock, jazz etc, but don't handle the highest of high gain, but i know theres someone who plays metal with a standard tele (NOT James Root he plays a flathead or his custom in Stone Sour). With a 25db boost or something then they can be ultra versatile, but I guess you lose some versatility with the amount of twang.

My tele rules \m/
theyre sharp tone works well for heavier stuff, so i'd say theyre very versatile
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jazz=pretty good
indie/alternitive=****ing brilliant.
rock=pretty good.

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Depends on the Tele. Mine has 2 humbuckers, so loses a little of its country twang. I'd say it's one of the most versatile instruments out there.
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Telecasters work surprisingly well on the higher gain spectrum, as stated before you can get a nice sharp tone out of it. It however works better for low- an mid gain stuff, they are absolutley brilliant for that.
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my tele sounds okay with high gain, but there's definitely better.
Pretty much ANY other style sounds good. I don't know why some of you guys have said it's just "ok" for blues! I can make my tele sing like a fuckin bird for the blues!
I'd say not very.
Good for country, blues... anything involving clean riffing (maybe slight overdrive)
Not so good for metal, hard rock.... ect. (unless you have an EMG or something in the bridge)