I dont whether i have a good singing voice or not.. ok i know its out of tune and out of rhytm buts that becuase i have no music to sing which is very stupid of me.. im planning to sing in an alternative/christian band.. is my voice ok or not? i need constructive criticism not "you're fag that can sing"-esque comments.. please be mature enough


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Well... For sure you'll need tons of practice. We can't say anything good about your voice, when you are singing totally out of tune and rhythm. Stop screaming and focus on the notes mate, that's what it is all about.
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look all i wanted was for someone to give me advice on what to do not to slag me off ok

Want advice? Suck yourself off.
You;re def not a solo singer, but with music behind it, it wouldn't be that bad, maybe. You don't have full control of pitch.
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Ummmmmm do you play guitar if soo maybes stick wit that i duno lol have a good one
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Second one is way better than the first I reckon, but I suppose the recording quality probably doesn't do you any favours.
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I recommend sticking to instruments.
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yeah dude that was pretty bad stick with other instruments.

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naw i mean what can i do to hone my singing.. can anyone teach me a practice.. i heard the onerpublic guy is selftaught so my hopes are a bit high.. can i do backup vocals though? not the "la la ooh" thing but sing maybe a line or a verse..
Oh my god, that first one was HORRIBLE!

Second wasn't so good either, just practice alot, get classes from a professional teacher(can't remember what they are called), and you may just sound good.

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okay so thats me singing in my old band.. hmm?

I thought that was okay. The other recordings were terrible, though.
Just keep singing but not in a way that would do damage. You will improve. You MUST improve.
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Just keep singing but not in a way that would do damage. You will improve. You MUST improve.

best answer so far.. thx bro
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To put it short.

You suck. But who knows with practice.

The YouTube video: that was ALMOST ok. You seem to have a problem with preforming courage. Things went far nicer after a while. In the beginning you were kinda holding yourself back and it sounded like you were singing through your nose.

Get some practice and then find some courage to preform in front of an audience(singing in front of your close relatives might help at first, but you need to move on to absolute strangers real fast)
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