I currently use D'dario 9's on my guitar (Fender Telecaster MIM), and it was set up for gauge nines.
But now I want to change to ten's, I like having more of a fight to bend strings, etc, and they hold in tune better aswell.
But my question is this:
How much of an adjustment will I have to make to my guitar, if any?
i think if you have a guitar with a fixed bridge that you wont have to adjust everything except maybe action and even thats questionable....
i personally play on ten's but its easier to play with 9' so im gonna change to the different gauge once these string break(or one breaks :P)
None really just might have to sort out the intonation, which you should do every time you change strings.
You can change from .9's to .10's without much adjustment except for intonation.
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in my experience moving from 9s to 10s did not pose much of a problem, but i dont have any fender guitars. because its such a small change, i dont expect there will be any problems.

the main problems when changing strings are: intonation, fret buzz and truss rod.

the intonation may go off slightly and is easy to fix, but use brand new strings and a really accurate tuner if you change the intonation.

because the strings are thicker, there may be some fret buzz which can be fixed by raising the action or filing down the fret, but im not quite sure that these are the best methods to fix a buzz; ask someone who knows for sure.

the truss rod will not need adjusting if you go from 9s to 10s, but if you drastically change gauge then you should see about adjusting the truss rod.

i only know how to do the intonation; i dont know exactly how to fix a buzz or adjust the truss rod (but the truss rod should be fine in your case).
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