I've been reworking on this piece after more than a year of ignoring it, and I've finally decided to corect an inconsistency I've been doing in the IV movement.

I know I know this piece more than pretty much everyone in here, but you don't really have to be familiar with it to be able to help me, just knowledgable as to the technique...

What is the best way to perform the triplet harmonic section near the end of the fourth movement? Up to this point I've been simply trem. picking it, in triplets obviously, and that's been serving me decently well; however, in the sheet music Domeniconi stresses to use a rasgueado, and I can't quite figure out the proper fingerings that he wants to be used.

I can't really get much help from the youtube videos, so can anyone here help me out?
My God, it's full of stars!
The rasgueado would be my choice. if you use the tremolo-technique you will get a raspy sound. It will also be quite easier to get the harmonics at the same time with the melody notes on 4th string. The four bars after the harmonics are also gonna be a pain to get even if you are using tremolo.
the fingering of the rasgueado would be just a normal triplet none-hooking rasgueado. If you don't have any trained in then you can use:

down m
down i
up p - return of m and i
It would also be a lot easier to get the melody-notes if you start with the thumb

There are however a great other number of triplet rasgueados. Check google and try to find the one that feels best or use your fantasy and figure some fingerings out.

The post didn't get too structured but i hope I made myself clear.
Another way for rasgueados could be a variation of C4's.

down m
down i
up i

It's not so good or fluid but depending on the context it may result more comfortable.

Another could be:

up thumb
down middle
down thumb.

But if it's triplets it may be a bit harder to keep the rhythm solidly.

Hope I helped John.
Thanks guys, I think I'm going to work with the c4lle's recommendation, as I'm liking the reliance on the thumb for the triplets

My God, it's full of stars!