I'm a 16 yr old lead guitarist in search of a bassist drummer and vocalist

I'm based in the basildon area but will travel depending on distance

My influences are mainly classic rock, so aerosmith led zeppelin van halen etc

Contact if your interested please
My Gear:-
Epi Les Paul Custom
Yamaha YG Series
Boss ME20
Hartke Piggyback - is actually quite good!!
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hey i used to play bass but not anymore, are you up for havin a rhythm guitarist?
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hi im in ur friends list. im looking for a band to play in desperatly and i know ur positions are fiilled but u seem pretty dedicated to what ur doin which is cool and if u want a second lead guitarist that you know hu to call. would be great or if wanna do a side project i would be very interested. anyway peace out
also have an okay singing voice which is good for blues if anything. kinda like joe perry if i may say so. any way again peace out