Hi everyone,

A mate of mine is looking to buy an acoustic guitar for his drama work. Orignally, he was looking for a normal acoustic, but now he's thinking about the possibility of plugging in to an amp to be heard. He's turned to me for advice, but my forté is electric guitars and I don't knwo what advice to give him. He's looking at Fender CD-60 guitars, but the question is whether to get an acoustic and add a pickup later, or get an electro-acoustic and save time/money in the long term. He has a budget of about £100.

So my questions are:
Which is the better route to go down?
If he buys a normal acoustic, what pickups would you recommend (magnetic/piezo/microphone)?
If he goes for the electric version of the guitar, is this a good choice?
Generally, am I being a help or a hinderance here?


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with such a low budget, dont buy guitars with electronics. you will end up getting low quality almost always guaranteed.

also, i would say avoid fender. they make great electric guitars, no doubt. but on the acoustic guitar side, they do not shine at all. My suggestion would be to look into yamaha. for a low price range like that, yamaha is the way to go. please note that i HATE yamahas with a passion, but am still suggesting them because i know they're great value regardless.