A couple of years ago, my band recorded an album, and somehow the guy micd up everything and when we recorded we played all at the same time bit they came out in different layers. I think he was using cubase, and was using a mixer but as I was only 12 at the time, I wasn't taking much notice.

So how could you do this, could you put it all into an mixer then to a computor then on a computer record it all at once on separte layers, and help would be greatly appreciated, also you could link the products that would be needed that would be greatly helpful.

Thanks in advanced.
I'm guessing by layer you mean track. Anyway when you had your band recorded the engineer would have miked everything up as you said and each mike would be linked to do a different track, which would be hte layers you speak of.

If he was using a mixer and cubase its most likely possible that each miked was routed to a track on the mixer and then each of these tracks would in turn be routed to a track within cubase.

If you are wanting to do this at home you're gonna need a nice little sum of money, as some of the equipment can be quite costly. Ifyou wish I can recommend some equipment and the setup you would need to do this yourself at home for your band. Just tell me what it is your wanting to record and what your budget is and I'll get back to you with some links to products.

Just message me on my profile Hope this helps